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How To Apply Caste Certificate in Odisha (Online/Offline)

Searching Online “How to Apply Caste Certificate Online in Odisha”. Here is a Complete Article to Know All the Details. We Have Discussed What is Caste Certificate, Its Types, Uses, How to Apply Online, How to Verify, Download Application Form and Much More. So, Let’s Know All the Details in Briefly Described Below.

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What is a Caste Certificate?

Caste certificate is a very important and essential document to validate the community, region, and caste of a person in our Indian constituency. This Certificate is very helpful for us to get facilities offered by the Indian Government.

Types of Caste Certificate in Odisha

“Caste” is Divided into 4 Types in Odisha:-
  • SC (Scheduled Caste)
  • ST (Scheduled Tribe)
  • OBC (Other Backward Classes)
  • SEBC (Socially and Educationally Backward Classes)

Uses of Caste Certificates

Caste Certificate is Very Helpful For Reserved Category Classes like scheduled castes (SC) and scheduled tribes (ST) to get Government Benefits. But, The OBC and SEBC Category Persons will Not Get Some Special Benefit. But, They Can Get Some Normal Benefits in Educational Purpose like Scholarship, etc. So, Let’s Know the uses of Caste Certificate.
  • It is used to obtain the reservation of seats in the Legislatures.
  • It is also used to get the reservation in all Government Service.
  • Get Rebate off the fees for admission in schools and colleges.
  • Get Special Educational quotas in Institutions.
  • Relaxation of age limits for applying for Government jobs.
  • Caste Certificate is also used to Apply for Scholarship.
  • Free Studies
  • Special Schemes Provided for Reserved Category.
To avail above-mentioned privileges, the citizen of Odisha who is belonging to an SC/ST must be in possession of a valid Odisha Caste Certificate.

Complete Guide to Apply Caste Certificate Online

Eligibility Criteria

These are the Eligibility criteria to apply a Caste Certificate in Odisha.
  • This certificate is only for persons, who have to reside in Odisha.
  • The Person Should have Odisha Address Identity like Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, etc to Apply an SC, ST, OBC, SEBC Caste Certificate Online in Odisha
So, This is the Basic Eligibility Criteria for Applying SC, ST, OBC, SEBC Certificate in Odisha. So, Let’s know the Required Documents for Applying a New Certificate.

Required Documents

Documents required for applying caste certificate in Odisha is explained in detail below.

  • Voter ID card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Application Form
  • ROR
  • Self Declaration
  • Land Pass Book
  • Recommendation from Sarpanch/ MLA/ MP

Application Process

Step 1: Check Your Name

Before applying for a New Caste certificate(SC, ST, OBC or SEBC). First of all, you need to check your name on the list issued by the Government of Odisha. By Visiting your nearest CSC Center, You can Check and Apply Online.

Step 2: Visit Your Nearest CSC Center

Visit Your Nearest CSC Center and Tell The CSC Operator, That You Want to Apply a Caste Certificate Online. Then, They will Give you an Application Form to Fillup.
If you want to Download the Application Form Online. Then, All Details are Provided below in this article. So, Check all the Details and Download the Application Form.
SC (Scheduled Caste) & ST (Scheduled Tribe)

If you Belonging from SC and ST Category. Then, You will Need to Download Application Form & Apply Online on Your Nearest CSC Center. You can also Check Caste List Online by using Google.
OBC (Other Backward Classes)

Similarly, If you Belonging From OBC Category. Then, You Need to Download OBC Application Form Online or Go to Your Nearest CSC Center and Apply There. So, If you want to Check the OBC List in Odisha. Just Google it Online and Download OBC Caste List Online.
SEBC (Socially and Educationally Backward Classes)

Similarly, If you Belonging from SEBC Category. Then you Need to Download SEBC Application Form Online or Go to Your Nearest CSC Center to Get and Apply Certificate Online. So Friends, if you want to Check SEBC List in Odisha. Then, You can Download SEBC List Online for Free.

Step 3: Fill The Form

Application Form
For Applying Caste Certificates Like (SC, ST, OBC or SEBC). Then, You will Get Separate form For Each Individual Caste Category. Just You Need to Fill the Application Form and Submit to the CSC Operator. The filling Application form is Very Easy. Because it’s like ‘Fill all the Blanks’ form. The Application Form will remind your Schoool or College Life Definitely If you are not a Student. So, Let’s What to Fill.
Just you need to fill details like,
  • Personal Details (Name, Gender, DOB, Marital status and Religion)
  • Parents Details (Father and Mother)
  • Spouse Details (Wife/Husband). If Single, Don’t Fill Anything.
  • Contact Details (Mobile Number and Email Address)
  • Permanent address
  • Details of submitter
  • Purpose of obtaining caste certificate
  • Land Record Details
  • Plot Details
  • Caste details

Step 4: Attach all Supporting Documents

Attach All the supporting documents in the form and submit it to the CSC service operator. Then, The CSC Operator will Proceed it on Online and Send it to the Tahasildar Office. And then, the Verification Process will be Started.
So Friends, After the Submission of the Form Online. You will also get a Receipt from the Operator. You can Also Check it Online (Method Described Below).

Step 5: Approval Process

In the Certificate Issue Process. The RI Verify Your Caste From Your ROR Record and Check all the Details You Mentioned. Then, The Final Approval Process Starts. So, After Checking All the Records. If Your Documents are 100% True.
After that, The RI Forwards the Data to Tahasildar for Approving the SC, ST, OBC or SEBC Certificate. After the Approval of the Tahasildar, They Send Your Certificate to Your CSC Center.

Step 6: Download

You can Download Caste Certificate Online from Any Common Service Center. To Get Your Certificate, Visit Your Nearest CSC Center, Where You Have Applied For SC, ST, OBC or SEBC Certificate.

Caste Certificate Application Form Download

Processing Time

The Caste Certificate will Approve Within 30 Days from the Date of Apply. If you want for faster approval. Then, You need to Contact your Local RI and Tahasildar. So, This is the Basic Time Frame of Approval.

Service Charges

1Service Charges of the kiosk OperatorRs.8
2Printing ChargesRs.10
3Scanning ChargesRs.5
4Certificate Output ChargesRs.10
5DeGS chargesRs.2
6The Government fees and User chargesRs.30


Odisha caste certificate is valid for lifetime.

Application Status

You Can Check the Application Status in 3 Methods,
  • Through SMS – When You Submit Your Application to The CSC Operator. You will Get Regular Update of Your Application.
  • Online – You Can Track Your Application Online on their Official Website. The Total Process is Given Below.
  • Visit CSC (Common Service Centre) – Contact Your Nearest CSC Centre to Get the Latest Information of your Application.

Check Caste Certificate Application Status Online

Step 1: Open Your Web Browser and Go to the edistrictodisha.gov.in Website and Click ‘Application Status‘.
Step 2: After that, A New Windows will open on your web browser. Enter the Reference ID Received by SMS or From the CSC Receipt. and Click ‘Search‘ to Check The Latest Status of e-District Odisha’ Application.
This is the Online Process to Check Status of Caste Certificate Application Status.

Verify Caste Certificate

To Verify Edistrict Odisha Caste Certificate. Go to edistrictodisha.gov.in. Click ‘Certificate Verification‘.

After Clicking the ‘Certificate Verification’, A New Windows will Open Like this.
Enter Your Certificate Barcode Number in the Certificate Verification Text Box and Click Search to Verify Your Certificate Online. So, This is the Easiest Way to Verify Edistrict Certificates Online. This Process will help you to check the Certificate is Original or Duplicate. 
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In Conclusion, So Friends, In this Article We Have Know Everything About Caste Certificate. If You Have Any Query or Question. Please Comment Down Below. And Thanks For Reading this Informative Article. I Hope It will Help You a Lot.

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