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Difference Between Residence and Domicile Certificate [Answered]

Want to Know About “What is The Difference Between Residence and Domicile Certificate. In this Article, We Have Totally Explained What is Residence Certificate, What is the Domicile Certificate. 

The Difference Between Residence Certificate VS Domicile Certificate. So Friends, Let’s Know the First Thing What is a Residence Certificate.

What is Residence Certificate?

A residence certificate is a legal certificate. and It showed that you have a residential in a particular place/location. So, if you have more residences. Then, you will get more residence certificate from the local authority. Suppose your Original Home is Odisha and Staying in [1- Kolkata(6M), 2- Mumbai(6M), 3- Chennai(6Month) For Your Job. Then, You will Get Total Number of 3 Residence Certificates. These Certificates are Temporary. Residence Certificate Validity is 6 Month From the Date of Approval.

What is the Domicile Certificate?

Domicile Certificate is a Permanent Residence Certificate. Which is Approved by The State Government?. It is a Legal Certificate & Used for Many Legal Matters. You Can Get a Domicile Certificate From Your Own Home Permanent Address(Where You Have Born). So, Friends, You Can Tell it’s Permanent Resident Certificate.

Residence Certificate Vs Domicile Certificate

  • Residence Certificate is a Temporary Certificate & The Validity is Only 6 Month.
  • Domicile Certificate is a Permanent Certificate & The Validity is Lifetime.
  • You Can get a Residence Certificate in Anywhere in the World.
  • You Can Get a Domicile Certificate Only From Your Home Town & Home Address, Where You Have Born.
  • Residence Certificate Used in Legal Matters & To Government Facilities.
  • Domicile Certificate Used in Legal Matters & To Government Facilities.
  • If You Want to Get a Residence Certificate Certificate For Lifetime. Then, You Need to Apply 2 Times in a Year. Because the Certificate Validity is 6 Month Only. After Expiry, Your Certificate Will Not Work.
  • Domicile Certificate Validity is For Lifetime. So, You Need to Apply Once. Then, It Will Work For Lifetime.
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In Conclusion, Both The Residence & Domicile Certificate is a Proof Of Address. But, The Residence Certificate Confirms Your Present Address. And The Domicile Certificate Confirms, Your Permanent Address. So Friends, I Hope Your Got the Total Difference of These 2 Very Important Certificates.

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