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Gopalpur Sea Beach

Gopalpur Sea Beach
Gopalpur is a unique beach and was discovered as a perfect winter resortmany decades ago. Located at a distance of 16-km from Berhampur in Orissa,Gopalpur on Sea is one of the appealing beach along side the eastern coastline of India. Not very crowded like the Goa or Kerala Beach fronts,this pristine small beach of Orissa is a retreat for the sun, sea and sand lovers.

At one time this place was a busy seaport, but today it offers its visitorsa peaceful atmosphere that is most favourable for a relaxing break.

The beach still displays the crumbling walls and pillars of the jetty,reminding to its past glory of commercial activity. The beach continues to draw the beach worshipers for its delightful surf and excellent sailing options.

Best Time to Visit Being a beach resort, Gopalpur has a uniform temperature throughout the year. Temperature in the summer months touches a high of 35°C and a low of 23°C, respectively. Winter months are relatively cold with a maximum and minimum temperature of 27°C and 16°C,respectively. Gopalpur receives an average annual rainfall of 118.7 cm.

Gopalpur Sea Beach Attractions

The place taking its name from a 18th century temple dedicated to Lord Krishna was originally a small fishing village. Besides being one major beach destination, the temple here is an added attraction for the travellers.

During the British Rule, East India Company picked up Gopalpur as a trading point for rice from Rangoon in Myanmar (then Burma). The beach front was then a major place for entertainments with events like dances and parties taking place. Gopalpur was most frequented destination for the wealthy Bengalis from Kolkata on those days, who made it their holiday home.

Today, that same beach is a tranquil destination with unspoiled surroundings, as it is yet to get exposed to the tourists. The beach became lonely after the trade with Burma abruptly ceased during the war and never revived again. Besides, when the British left India, it was less visited during the winter as even the Bengalis preferred to holiday in other places of the country.

In the late seventies, the tourism business increased and to cater to its tourists, several luxury and budget hotels were raised and a slow revival began. The Gopalpur beach in Orissa is one of the best beaches of India withendless sun and surf option along with the tranquility unlimited.

Reaching Gopalpur Beach

If you want to come to Gopalpur Beach. Then, you have 3 Midium to Come. 
  1. Air : Bhubaneswar (180kms) is the nearest airport from where one can take flights for major cities such as Delhi and Kolkata.
  2. Rail : The nearest railway station is Berhampur on the Howrah-Chennai lineof Southeastern Railway. One can take trains to Calcutta and Chennai from this place.
  3. Road : Gopalpur is connected by motorable road to Barkul (75-km), Berhampur (16-km), Bhubaneshwar (180-km), and Puri (242-km). Auto-rickshaws and cycle-rickshaws are available to move around.

Accommodation near Gopalpur

Good accommodation options such as seaside resorts, luxurious hotels, and old bungalows are available at Gopalpur, with good servicing facilities and excellent view of the sea. Some of the good quality hotels and resorts are:The Oberoi Palm Beach, Ganjam; Hotel Mermaid; Song of the Sea Resort.

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